Friday, November 5, 2010

Where To Buy Rasberry Jam In Ely Minnesota

We also make our own home made Rasberry Jam here In Ely.This is especially one of our favorites for using on toast,and using it as an ice cream topping too.

Another great thing about this jam,is our brand is a "seedless rasberry jam".That's right.So no more getting those annoying seeds caught between your teeth.I love rasberry jams ,but the sad thing is I pass them buy when they are full of seeds,so we de-seed our berries to give you a jam that is enjoyable to eat..not a horror..:)

Wild Rasberries are so good for you.The nutritional value of berries is unbelievable.So intstead of eating that artificially flavored,all suger,and preservative jam.Why not switch to one that tastes better,and is actually good for you? Have you every thought about that?

So if you're in the neighborhood,and interested in buying some Home Made Rasberry Jam In Ely.Then give us a call,we can deliver it to you here right in town,or ship it to you also.

We charge $4.00 for each 8 ounce jar of jam (1 cup) + $3.00 shipping,and packaging.

The more jars you order,the price for shipping drops dramaticially.We go by the United Sates Post Office weight charts.So if a person ordered 8 jars of jam,postage then would be around $6.50 and shipping just 50 cents for packaging.So figure how many jars you'll be ordering,and being that each jar is 8 ounces(1/2 pound) make your total on the weight of your order,and you can look here to determine your shipping costs. U.S. Post Office Weight Scale.

We do that for you,so this gives you an idea on shipping costs.So you can understand why ordering one jar costs $3.00 in shipping & handling costs,and vice versa ordering 8 jars costs only $6.50 in shipping & handling.That's how our postal service works.So don't think that ordering 8 jars costs $24.00.It don't,it only costs around $6.50.So look at the P.O. Weight Scale above.

We accept cash,check,money order,or paypal for payment.

Your order is shipped same day if placed in the morning hours,but guaranteed to be shipped by the next moring.

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