Friday, November 5, 2010

Out Of Stock Till August 1st 2011

We apologize for the inconvenience ,but we're out of jams at the current moment.Please e-mail us at to reserve your order at no cost.Jest send us an e-mail,and tell us to hold on to some jars for you,and we'll be gladly to do so.You'll be notified by e-mail,or phone if you prefere when we have our jams in stock again.It'll be up to you if you still care to place an order.We don't have to market our jams,they market themselves.So believe me,they are worth the wait.We really look foward to hearing from you!!

The truth of the matter is we just plumb run out of our jams.Like we said,we pick our berries by hand when the berry picking season starts.Our jams are only made with fresh wild blueberries & rasberries that grow in the woods.We don't use store bought crap,or genetically engineered berries.That's why our home made jams are the best tasting,and the best for you.

So send us off an e-mail,and tell us to hold on to some for you.We'd love to hear from ya,and it's a first come,first served basis with us.No credit card,and no information is needed.Just let us know if you'll be interested,and we'd set some aside just for you..:)

So give me a shout..:)


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